Mario Kart 8 Has Pretty Sweet Pre-Order/Limited Edition Bonuses

If you plan on pre-ordering Mario Kart 8 or even getting the limited edition, then you are in for some pretty sweet goodies. Nintendo has announced that Mario Kart 8 will have bonuses for both versions of the game that feature some Mario Kart-themed collectibles.

Though it is currently only confirmed for Europe, there is a Mario Kart 8 bundle that comes with the game and a blue shell. That’s right, the evil blue shell that mercilessly seeks out and destroys those in first place can be yours in real life!


Likewise, for those who are planning to just pre-order the game will also be getting some cool stuff. You will get a selection of Mario Kart key rings, which include a red shell, gold dash mushroom and bullet bill.


Condemn OR Condone:

Having a real life blue shell is probably what any Mario Kart fan would want to have. Just imagine chucking one of these and having it sniff out and destroy your rival! …I NEED THIS


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