Oculus Rift Will Be Affordable, Apparently

Though the Oculus Rift has been showcased by various personalities on YouTube, the actual consumer build is still a ways off. When it does hit shelves, though, many expect that it will come with a steep pricetag. However, according to the Oculus Rift creator it will be something anyone can afford.

Creator Palmer Luckey said the following to GameIndustry International: “You can’t sell an expensive piece of hardware and expect tons of content to show up. We’re not doing market research around what’s the breaking point for people to buy a VR headset; we’re just trying to sell it as cheap as we can while still existing as a company.”

It has been mentioned in the past the the system is targeting a $300 price range, with the possibility for a cheaper price with potential partnerships.

Condemn OR Condone:

If this is a system that can actually be affordable and can live up to its lofty hype, then I think it could be pretty cool. Still, they have been mentioning treadmills and other things to “optimize” the experience that would cost over half a grand easily. If you can get the complete experience for an affordable price then I’m all for it, but i’m still iffy on whether or not that will end up being the case.

108 thoughts on “Oculus Rift Will Be Affordable, Apparently

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