Peter Molyneux Calls Fable 3 A Trainwreck

It goes without saying that the products that game designer Peter Polyneux have hyped up to his or gamer’s lofty expectations, but now he has come out and said that the last Fable game he designed was the biggest miss.

In an interview with Develop, Peter Molyneux said the following about the last game in the Fable series, Fable III:

“I think Fable III was a trainwreck. It was built to be much bigger than what it was constrained to be and eventually ended up as,” Molyneux said. “If I had my time again, I’d take the advances we made from Fable 1 to Fable II, I’d make the same advances from Fable II to Fable III and spend another entire year working on Fable III. But would it be that perfect gem that’s in my mind? No.”

Fable III came out in 2010 and though it received favorable reviews from the critics, most fans nowadays are not happy with how the game turned out. It looks like Molyneux agrees with them.

Condemn OR Condone: I actually just recently played Fable III for the first time, and really didn’t see what was so bad about it. Sure, it was more of the same, but when that same is a great world filled with great characters and writing then I really don’t have anything to complain about.

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