Get 12-Month Xbox Live Subscription For $20 Cheaper Right Now


If you don’t have Xbox Live or it is time for you to renew your subscription, then I’ve got a pretty sweet to tell you about. Both Amazon and Microsoft Store are offering 12-month subscription cards for Xbox Live Gold for $40, which is $20 cheaper than the regular price.

If you’re getting the subscription from Microsoft Store then you have your choice of download code or a physical card, but if you are ordering from Amazon then a physical card is your only option.

Some  believe that the reason they are offering a discount on Xbox Live right now is in anticipation of the upcoming shooter Titanfall. The game is being coined as Xbox One‘s killer app and could be ushering in a new wave of multiplayer mania, so if you want in on that then you should probably take advantage of this deal.

Condemn OR Condone: I’ve been an Xbox Live Gold member for 10 years now (HOLY F***ING S**T) and the service remains the best place for online multiplayer. If Titanfall is as good as people claim it will be then the multiplayer aspect is definitely going to be something that will be utilized for many years to come, and now you have this pretty sweet deal to join in on the fun.

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