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Super Time Force

Condemn (OR) Condone – Super Time Force

Super Time Force is a side-scrolling shooter developed by Capybara Games. The game documents the journey of the Super Time Force, who are a time-travelling military organization that are being sent back in time to save the dinosaurs. The player is given 30 lives to make it though very chaotic levels, and if they die they have the option to go back to a point that was reached by a previous character’s life.

Super Time Force is available for the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live service and Xbox One. The reviews gathered for this article have been taken from all versions of the game.

Super Time Force

Even Narcisse of Kotaku says:

“Call me pretentious but watching replays of 10, 20, 30 versions of my actions on a screen reminded me of how the splatters on a Jackson Pollock canvas coalesce into a larger beauty. Violent and crazy and fun and profane and thoughtful all at the same time. Now rewind that.”

Steven Burns of VideoGamer says:

“It’s a brilliant concept, executed well, and the variety in the stages and characters is excellent. It can feel overly attritional, with minor control issues (diagonal shooting is a pain) and seemingly-wonky collision detection causing annoyance. That said, Super Time Force is still worth checking out.”

Jeremy Parish of US Gamers says:

“There’s so much potential here, yet STF ends right as it starts to come into its own. It feels very much like a game caught between its run-and-gun origins and its more intricate ambitions; the straightforward level design just doesn’t offer a sufficiently devious playground for the complex interplay and capabilities afforded by the time travel mechanics.”

William Schwartz of Attack of the Fanboy says:

“Super Time Force is an awesome game from bottom to top.  The combination of the impressive presentation and time-bending mechanics left me captivated at times.  Fast forwarding and rewinding through my current playthrough to find just the right time to jump back into the action was addictive, and the goofy storyline was enough to keep me invested for the duration.”

Andrew Harrison of Stevivor says:

STF is one of the best times I’ve had with a side-scrolling platformer in a long time. There’s so much content on offer here that I’ve actually stopped playing any other games, which is a testament to just how good I think Super Time Force is. Now to roll back time so I can spend my day off again playing more games.

Super Time Force

30 reviews were gathered for this article, and the overall consensus lands this game solidly in the judgment range of Condone. Judging from the reviews, if you like 2d side-scrollers with a lot of chaos then Super Time Force is for you.

The following contains links to every review gathered for this article and used to come up with the final judgment. Give them a click if you want to see the full reviews in all their glory.

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The judgments are the following:

Strongly Condemn | Condemn | (O) | (OR) | (R) | Condone | Strongly Condone