Sega Announces A New Take On Sonic Characters With 'Sonic Boom'

Sonic Boom

Sonic is back again this year with a Nintendo exclusive game called Sonic Boom. The game looks to be a pretty big shift in style, as Sonic now has longer legs and wears a scarf and Knuckles now looks like a freakin’ monster. They also said that there will be a TV show following the events of this game and a bunch of toys. Oh… ok.

So it’s gonna be *THAT* kind of a game?!

Apparently, Sonic Boom is going to be similar to the Sonic Adventure series, and that is the news that has me excited. Sonic Adventure is probably the last time a sonic game was really great, and if they can catch some of the magic that that series had then I am all for it.

Still, though, what the hell happened to Knuckles? Did he fall into some chemical tub that caused him to become the size of a gorilla? And what has Sonic done to his legs? And where did Tails get that utility belt!?

These are the real questions people. These are the *REAL* questions.

They also released a trailer for the game, and you can watch that and share in my confusion for Sonic Boom below.

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