Did you hear that Nintendo's next consoles might allow porting?


In the past, many people have wondered why Nintendo didn’t simply port some of their handheld games over to the home console. People are asking that now more than ever, as the 3DS has been building a stellar catalog of games while the Wii U is still struggling big time. Well, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that the architectures of both their consoles and handhelds had been completely different, which made it very difficult to recreate one system’s game for the other system. However, that might be about to change.

Iwata has said that Nintendo’s next generation of consoles are likely to be similar enough to allow porting of games from one system to the other. “Because of vast technological advances, it became possible to achieve a fair degree of architectural integration. We discussed this point, and we ultimately concluded that it was the right time to integrate the two [home & portable console] teams.”

I think this is great news. I have been saying for years that the handhelds have been having far better games than the home consoles from Nintendo, and that they should bring some of those over to the home console to beef up their library. It would be like having the Game Boy Player on GameCube to play all of your Game Boy games on the big screen, which was sweet. Do this Nintendo, just do it.


100 thoughts on “Did you hear that Nintendo's next consoles might allow porting?

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