You Can Be Invaded In 'Dark Souls II' Even When Hollow


Dark Souls II is coming out in just a bit over a month from now, and developer From Software has given OPM some information that looks to be making the game EVEN MORE difficult than previous installments. According to producer Takeshi Miyazoe, Dark Souls II will allow other players to invade your game even when you are hollow, meaning that you are never safe. *gulp*

Takeshi Miyazoe had this to add to the subject:  There will be penalties for players who invade, but still lose. There are risks. And there will be ‘policemen’ against invaders and a ransom system where if you constantly invade or kill NPCs there will be motivation for summoned players to go after you.”

It sounds to me like they are taking the necessary steps to keep this from becoming pure pandemonium. Even though I was crapped my pants whenever I got the message that my game was being invaded, it is definitely one of the main features of the game that makes it so exciting. They’re basically making it now so that you are never safe, and you never know when someone is going to come after you. In my opinion, that’s freakin’ sweet. Bring it on, dudes. Bring it on.



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