Condemn or Condone? No Ambassador Program Following Wii U Price Cut


For those loyal Nintendo fans out there, this is tough news to swallow. Even though you payed $350 for a disappointing Wii U system, Nintendo will NOT be issuing an Ambassador program after the $50 price cut happening just 9 months after the system released.

In an email sent to Wii U Daily, ¬†Nintendo’s Helena Toledo said,¬†“I know that this isn’t what you were hoping for, but we appreciate your support of our products now and in the future.”

Remember, a similar thing happened with the 3DS when it received an $80 price cut, and Nintendo issued what they called the Ambassador Program to basically say, “Hey. You payed more for this when you shouldn’t have. Here’s some stuff to say sorry about that and thanks for being a loyal customer”. Apparently, Wii U owners aren’t as loved. SAD FACE.

This is just another disappointing bit of info to come out of the Nintendo camp, as the company have been suffering a lot lately thanks to both the 3DS and Wii U under-performing greatly. They’re doing everything they can to get more interest in their systems, but what about those who were loyal to you from day one? Don’t you think that screwing them over might make them LOSE interest?

As for my judgment on Nintendo not issuing an Ambassador Program after the Wii U price cut?


15 thoughts on “Condemn or Condone? No Ambassador Program Following Wii U Price Cut

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