PlayStation 4 System Details & Confirmed Games Revealed

It’s official, everyone! PS4 was announced last night at a live event in New York, and put months of speculation to rest on console titles, controller designs and release date time-frames. The presentation lasted over 2 hours and was followed by pretty much anyone with even a hint of an interest in gaming. Interestingly enough, the actual system was not shown at the event, though there certainly was no shortage of other details.shh

Have a look at the system specs:shh


click to enlarge

shhThe lead system architect on the PS4, Mark Cerny, said the platform is “by game creators for game creators” and it’s built “like a PC, but supercharged.” Here’s a look at the architecture diagram they presented at the event:shh


click to enlarge

shhThis crazy system allows seamless uploads of gameplay, lets you view friends gameplay sessions in real time and includes integrated chat. Players will have profile pages that will be implemented into the “PlayStation ecosystem“.shh


click to enlarge

shhWe may not know what the hell the actual system looks like, but we do know the controller that will be used. The “prototype photos” that were released recently were 100% authentic and showed exactly what was revealed at the event last night.shh

dualshock 4-580-75

shhThe PS4 DualShock 4 controller features two sticks, four triggers, a directional pad, plus triangle, cross, circle, and square buttons, just like a classic PlayStation controller we all know and love. However, it also has a touchpad in the center and a PlayStation Move-like “light bar” at the top. The start and select buttons have been moved to the sides to accommodate the touchpad, and the controller also features a “share” button next to the triggers and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There is also a stereo depth camera called the PS4 Eye that can detect the position of controllers from across the room. I guess Move is still… movin’.shh


shhBut enough of all the hardware mumbo jumbo; let’s talk about the actual games we can look forward to diving into. Sony revealed an image of all the developers that are currently working with Sony:shh


shh10 games were announced as in development for the system, though many of them will be available for PS3, as well.shh

Game Developer
Deep Down Capcom
Destiny Bungie
Diablo 3 Blizzard Entertainment
DriveClub Evolution Studios
Final Fantasy Square Enix
Infamous: Second Son Sucker Punch
Killzone: Shadow Fall Guerrilla Games
Knack Studios Japan
The Witness Thekla, Inc
Watch Dogs UbiSoft Montreal   

shhSo it looks like your standard PlayStation games are in the pipeline. The most interesting thing about the list is that it confirms that Bungie‘s Destiny will not be exclusive to Microsoft. It’s always cool to hear of another Final Fantasy on the way, but the direction the series has been going in lately has me less pumped than I usually am for a new Final Fantasy game.shh

While we weren’t given an official release date of the system, we were shown a little tease at the very end of the event on a release window:shh


shhAnd there you have it! The PS4 has been (somewhat) revealed to the world and has presented all of the cool new features it has in store for us. So what did you think? Were you satisfied with what the PS4 has to offer or were you at all let down with Sony’s new tricks? Let me know below!

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