News Judgment – Watch Dogs Has 8-Player Open World Multiplayer

Now that we know that Watch Dogs is officially coming in a couple of months, fans are eager to get more information on what they will be experiencing this May. A fan took to twitter to ask creative director Jonathan Morin about a certain multiplayer feature, and the fan got a very direct answer.

The user tweeted the following message: “Is it true there will be multiplayer open world freeroam (8 players)?”

Jonathan Morin answered with the following: “Yes”

Condemn OR Condone:

Talk about being blunt! Having a multiplayer mode where you can literally go anywhere you want while also taking on other players sounds like an absolute blast. Add in the fact that Watchdogs will supposedly be ushering in an all-knew style of free-roam play with its “gadgets-control-the-city” angle, and suddenly you could end up having an online experience like few others.

104 thoughts on “News Judgment – Watch Dogs Has 8-Player Open World Multiplayer

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