Abyss Odyssey Announced + Debut Trailer

An action platformer that is being developed by Ace Team has been announced, and it came with a trailer.

The trailer showcases the game’s side-scrolling action while the developers discuss what the game is all about. What’s interesting about the game is it’s visually-appealing graphics and the fact that all of the environments are randomly generated. This means that, as you play through the game, you will always experience new things no matter how many times you play it.

Abyss Odyssey is set to hit shelves on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime this year. Check out the trailer above.

Condemn OR Condone:

The game looks like a very unique type of side-scroller. I really dig the art style that is on display, and the fact that the game’s enemy AI will supposedly rival the skill sets that players will have is exciting.

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