Murdered: Soul Suspect Release Date Revealed

Square Enix’s upcoming supernatural thriller, Murdered: Soul Suspect has been given an official release date. The game will launch in North America on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on June 3rd.

The game is being developed by Dark Void and Airtight Games. It is set in Salem, Massachusetts (my home state!) and features story elements pertaining to the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Players take control of protagonist Ronan O’Connor who is murdered at the beginning of the game and, as a ghost, interrogate other ghosts to learn more about his killer.

Condemn OR Condone:

It’s coming guys. It’s really coming! The concept of this game, at least vaguely, reminds me of the PlayStation 2 cult classic Shadow of Destiny. If this game has ANY kind of resemblance to that game then I will be a pretty dang happy dude.

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