Project Milo Is Definitely Not Going To Happen

Back when Xbox‘s Kinect was first announced as Project Natal people were given an incredibly unique and exciting tech demo of a game called Project Milo aka Milo & Kate. Milo was a little boy who could literally interact with the person playing, understanding what they were saying, detecting emotion and remembering things about them. Well, that game isn’t going to happen.

Xbox executive Phil Spencer made the confirmation on twitter: “Sorry, no M&K reboot. Idea was compelling and we learned a lot creatively, but we struggled to get a full game out of it.”

Check out the unveil of Milo below.

[youtuber youtube=’’%5D

Condemn OR Condone:

Although this game was officially cancelled a while ago, with the new technology you never know when things will come bubbling back up. It looks like the technology could be used for other things, but Milo is not one of them. It’s too bad, because Milo was literally the only interesting thing that I saw from the Kinect. Figures.

100 thoughts on “Project Milo Is Definitely Not Going To Happen

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