New PlayStation Game Pavilion Is In "4th-Person"

Does that headline confuse you? Well, it confuses me, too. However, indie developer Vision Trick Media claims that their new game Pavilion is a 4th-person puzzling adventure. They released a video which shows just exactly what they mean by that, which you can watch at the bottom of the page.

The video displays a small environment that a character is in, but the thing that makes it “4th-person” is that you don’t control the character, you control the environment. There will be things you can do to manipulate the environment which will then allow your character to move on and eventually complete the puzzle.

Pavilion is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year. Check out the video at the top of the page.

Condemn OR Condone:

The game itself looks pretty cool, but the fact that they’re calling it 4th-person is a little strange. There have been plenty of games in which you manipulate the environment to move an actual character along, so unless those people just neglected to call those games 4th-person I really don’t see what makes this one 4th-person.

134 thoughts on “New PlayStation Game Pavilion Is In "4th-Person"

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