Demon's Souls 2 Will Never Happen


From Software moved on from the Demon’s Souls name and has been working on the Dark Souls series, though now it seems a little more clear why they went with the name change even though both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are so similar.

Atlus PR Manager John Hardin posted the following comment on a PlayStation Blog post:¬†“Can 100 percent confirm there will NOT be a Demon’s Souls 2. :(.¬†That’s Sony’s call. From what I’ve heard around the Internet’s, Demon’s Souls is one big Gordian knot.”

Condemn OR Condone:

I always wondered why From Software decided to ditch the Demon’s Souls name and instead go with Dark Souls, though now that appears a lot more clearly. Demon’s Souls was a PlayStation 3 exclusive where Dark Souls is multiplatform, and with that exclusivity obviously lead to some inner conflict. If the two games were completely different then I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash, but myself and plenty of others consider Dark Souls as Demon’s Souls 2 anyway.

Though it would be cool to have Demon’s Souls get an official sequel, its “spiritual successor” is so similar that it’s barely even worth complaining about. Both games are great and it looks like Dark Souls II is shaping up wonderfully, as well, so I’m happy either way.

94 thoughts on “Demon's Souls 2 Will Never Happen

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