Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced At No Additional Cost


The hype train for Titanfall keeps moving faster and faster, and now Microsoft is jacking up the speed by announcing an Xbox One Titanfall bundle that will retail for the same price as a standalone Xbox One.

This bundle will include a standard Xbox One console, Kinect sensor, Xbox One wireless controller, Xbox One chat headset, one free month of Xbox Live Gold and a digital copy of Titanfall. This is all for the current price of an Xbox One, which is $499.

This deal is even better for those in the UK, as it was also just announced that the Xbox One would be getting a price cut.

Condemn OR Condone: Although it is a good deal, it bugs me that it is only a digital copy of Titanfall. In my opinion, a digital copy should be much cheaper than a physical copy, as it is not tangible and its source file can be reused infinitely.  Give me the real thing, dammit.

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