Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul Is Coming To PC Tomorrow

Fractured Soul

The multi-dimensional Nintendo 3DS platformer Fractured Soul is now making its way to PC. The game will be released on on February 25th and will be adding some new bells and whistles.

This updated PC version has to face the obstacle of putting the 3DS’ two-screen format onto a single screen, but not only will it do that, it will also up the framerate to 60 FPS. Other things players can look forward to is an easier difficulty and an all new cooperative multiplayer mode. In this mode, one player resides in the top half of the screen while the other player hangs out on the bottom half. Sounds absolutely crazy, but in a good way.

As mentioned above, Fractured Soul hits PC on February 25th. Check out the PC trailer below.

Condemn OR Condone: It’s cool that Fractured Soul is coming to PC, but i’m a little wary on the effect that bringing the dual screen format to one screen ¬†will have on it. I’m sure it will still work fin, but it sounds like something that will still be superior on the 3DS.

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