Bravely Default Sequel More Mature and Focused On Story


Bravely Default is currently taking the world by storm as a return to the classic RPG games of the 90’s. A sequel, called Bravely Second, is currently in the works, and Square Enix has revealed that it will be a bit different compared to its predecessor.

Siliconera spoke with series producer Tomoya Asano, and reported the following information about the game:

“Asano also let us know that Bravely isn’t a series that is focused on exploration. Rather, it’s meant to be more of a story-driven experience. This is why Bravely Default doesn’t make enemies visible on the map—referred to as “symbol encounters” in Japan—and instead, opts to use an adjustable random encounter rate, in order to let players streamline their experience. This system will remain in Bravely Second.”

They also mention that the new game’s heroin is more mature than characters found in Bravely Default:

“An interesting point worth mentioning is that Asano says both Bravely Default and Bravely Second target adult audiences. Asano pointed to the adult audiences of both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy as the target audience for the Bravely games. In the past, Asano and character designer Akihiko Yoshida have said that Bravely Second’s heroine, Magnolia, is turning out a little more adult in nature than Bravely Default’s characters.”

A release date has not been announced for Bravely Second.

Condemn OR Condone: I’m currently in the middle or Bravely Default (review on the way) and am loving its throwback style to the golden era of RPGs. It’s great to know that Bravely Second is coming along and that it will perhaps be a more mature and intense story. I hope they get some better voice actors, too.

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