Condemn (OR) Condone – 'Earth Defense Force 2025'


Earth Defense Force 2025 is a third-person shooter developed by Sandlot and published by D3 Publisher for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the 4th main game in the series and is a direct sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017. The Earth Defense Force is a unified multinational military sponsored by almost every country in the world, which is created after it’s learned that an alien race is planning to attack Earth.

In the game the player takes control of an EDF soldier from a selection of 4 different soldier classes. As the player takes on the alien forces the player will have a wide range of weapons from machine guns, sniper rifles, lasers and rocket launchers, though only 2 weapons may be chosen per mission. The game has over 700 different weapons and 5 different difficulties, with the higher weapons rewarding the player with more powerful weapon drops from enemies.

So what’s the word about this latest sequel in the Earth Defense Force series? Lets read on to find out who the jury is this time around and what they think about the game.

This time the jury will consist of 15 hand-picked websites. The criteria for selection into this jury is purely my personal preferences and beliefs that these sites will give the game a fair shake.

The jury consists of the following sites, with links to each review gathered for this article:

GamespotGame TrailersIGNJoystiqOXMDestructoidPolygonShack NewsThe EscapistGame InformerPush SquareUS GamerDealspwnNow GamerGod Is A Geek


Carolyn Petit of GameSpot felt the game was too simplistic to support its length: “The simple mechanics don’t lend themselves to the long-haul, 80-mission-plus campaign. This is the video game equivalent of a mindless and enjoyable popcorn flick, not a captivating epic.”

Danny Cowan of Joystiq felt the game’s faults were easy to overlook thanks to the fun factor: “Despite its lingering quirks, Earth Defense Force 2025 is every bit as fun as Earth Defense Force 2017 was, and it’s a great improvement over Insect Armageddon.

Jim Sterling of The Escapist was not sold on the game at all: “This is not so bad it’s good. It’s just plain bad, and there aren’t enough giant insects in the world to convince me otherwise.”

Sammy Barker of Push Square notes that it’s just big, dumb fun and little else: “There are more flaws here than a second-hand clothes shop, but there are worse ways to wile away your time than by blasting supersized insects in the antennae.”


Though the jury is a little bit split, the overall consensus on Earth Defense Force 2025 is that it offers some big and silly fun, just don’t expect a huge change from previous installments or particularly deep gameplay. These 15 reviews all combine to land the game solidly in one judgment range.

That judgment is…


There are 5 possible judgments that a game can receive and they are the following:

Condemn | – Or  | OR | oR + | Condone |

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