Condemn (OR) Condone – Strider


Strider is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Double Helix Games and Capcom’s Osaka studio. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and has players assuming the role of Strider Hiryu. Hiryu is on a mission to defeat the game’s villain Grandmaster Meio who is in the metropolis of Kazakh City. The game is a retelling of the original game that came out in arcades in 1989.

The game’s reviews have been quietly rolling out over the past several days now. What does the jury think of this retelling of a classic series? Lets read on to find out what they have to say.

This time the jury will consist of 15 hand-picked websites. The criteria for selection into this jury is purely my personal preferences and beliefs that these sites will give the game in question a fair shake.

The jury consists of the following sites, with links to each review gathered for this article:

Game Over, Push Square, Hardcore Gamer, Giant Bomb, Game Revolution, GamesRadar, GameSpot, Game Informer, IGN, Destructoid, Polygon, US Gamer, Joystiq, Now Gamer, EGM


Chris Carter of Destructoid was wowed by the game: “Double Helix has really come into its own. Strider reminds me of a Shadow Complex with a much better combat system and a scaled-down exploration element. And that’s perfectly okay with me.”

Geff Gertsmann of Giant Bomb found some faults in the game’s mechanics: “This retelling of the original Strider arcade game has a lot of cool moments, but a lack of meaningful challenges holds it back.”

Maxwell McGee of GameSpot felt the game was a fitting remake: “Strider is fun, pure and simple, and serves as a fitting revival of a classic video game hero.”

David Roberts of GamesRadar thought the game was a good blend of old and new: “A slick pastiche of ‘80s retro cool and modern gameplay, Strider is both faithful to its source material and still capable of finding its own identity.”


The jury is pretty much in agreement that Strider is a fun and action-packed throwback action game, though some felt the level design was a bit underwhelming. These 15 reviews all combine to land Strider solidly in one judgment range.

That Judgment is…


There are 5 possible judgments that a game can receive and they are the following:

Condemn | – Or  | OR | oR + | Condone |

68 thoughts on “Condemn (OR) Condone – Strider

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