First Look At Mario Golf: World Tour's Cheep Cheep lagoon


The Mario Golf series will be returning in just a few short months with Mario Golf: World Tour, and now Nintendo has released a rendered picture of one of the levels that will be playable in the game.

The level in question is Cheep Cheep Lagoon, which is a level that is (quite obviously) completely underwater. Even though the picture is rendered, it does have a very interesting design and it will be cool to see how an underwater level will work in this upcoming game. Nintendo posted it on their twitter account right here, but you can check it out below.

Mario Golf: World Tour comes out on May 2nd for the Nintendo 3DS.

Mario Golf World Tour

Condemn OR Condone: Regardless of what the actual level will look like in-game, I think this is a great picture. The colors are gorgeous and the fact that it’s freakin’ golf underwater is enough to put a giant stupid grin on my face. Plus, it gets me really excited to finally play another Mario Golf game again.

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