Microsoft Announces Xbox One Beta Program


Starting today, Microsoft will be rolling out a beta program for Xbox One that will allow certain users to test future system updates and provide feedback. The company made the announcement today on Xbox Wire.

Right now they are inviting select players to test the March 4th update that will apparently fix the system’s party chat. If you do get selected for the beta, you will be notified via Xbox Live.

Microsoft said the following in a statement: “We’re counting on our fans to share their input as we’re putting the final touches on the new features that we plan to deliver in early March.”

Condemn OR Condone: I think it’s cool that they’re actually taking into account what the fans want and don’t want with each update. There are plenty of things that get changed that causes an uproar, so things like this can not only stop that from happening, but also allow them to focus on what fans want most.

113 thoughts on “Microsoft Announces Xbox One Beta Program

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