Stick It Man

Stick It To The Man On Wii U Will Be The "Gold Version"

Stick It Man

Game developer Ripstone Games has revealed in an interview with Nintendo Life that the Wii U version of Stick It To The Man will be the superior version of the game. The game originally released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita at the end of last year, but it has now been confirmed that it is coming to the Wii U E-Shop this Spring.

Developer Klaus Lyngeled said the following about what the Wii U version bring to the table: “When we talked about doing a Wii U version we knew we’d have to use the GamePad, with the screen, and we thought it’d be cool to use it as a mind reading device. The way we’ve done it, which I think works really well and turned out good, much better than I expected, is that when you pick up the Wii U device it goes into mind-reading mode, so it feels when you pick it up or rest it down. So you can basically point around on the screen itself, pick characters, zoom in on their brains and pick which brain you want to read. So there’s a specific mind-reading screen on the GamePad and the main screen on the TV.”

“This way it’s much quicker to go from one brain to another if there are a lot of people around the same area. Then of course you have the mind-reading voice itself coming out of the GamePad, also, which I’m really happy with.”

Stick It To The Man is a platformer with a distinctive visual flair and attention to humor. Check out the trailer below.

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