Left Behind

Condemn (OR) Condone – 'The Last Of Us: Left Behind'

Left Behind

The Last Of Us: Left Behind is a story DLC for last year’s critically-acclaimed action-adventure survival horror video game The Last Of Us. In this first and only story-driven DLC for the game, players take control of the original games young protagonist Ellie as she is on her own temporarily at a point in the original game that is only glossed over. However, during this time while Ellie is alone, the game has periodic flashbacks to 3 weeks before the outbreak where Ellie was with her friend Riley.

The Last of Us: Left Behind was released on February 14, 2014, and 20 reviews were aggregated for the purposes of advising you on whether or not this DLC is worth the money. Read on to find some snippets from notable reviews, followed by an overall judgment and links to every review aggregated for this article the bottom of the page.

Left Behind

Tom McShea of GameSpot notes that he actually enjoyed Left Behind more than the main game, saying:

“Left Behind is a hugely successful add-on to The Last of Us. When I played through the main game last year, I had trouble connecting to Joel, because his rough demeanor and questionable choices left a bitter taste in my mouth. So it was a relief that his desperation was nowhere to be found in Left Behind. Instead, the story focuses on love and hope.”

Joshua Bruce of Cheat Code Central claims the DLC is just as great as the main, writing:

“While it is a bit short, this DLC pack offers some excellent gameplay and the chance for gamers like myself to fill in a few of the gaps in one of their favorite games of all time.”

Simon Miller of Video Gamer wasn’t completely sold on this DLC, saying:

“The Last Of Us’ story was pretty much perfect in terms of what it wanted to achieve. This does nothing to build on or take away from that.”

Sammy Barker of Push Square felt it was a little short for the price tag, but still loved the end product:

“This is a touching, intelligent, and largely refreshing extension to the core escapade, and while it’s not exactly brimming with narrative revelations, it’s still a beautiful story that you shouldn’t let pass you by.”

Left Behind

The Last Of Us: Left Behind is a DLC that most agree is a great addition to a great game. It may be a little on the short side, but the quality of the few hours contained are nothing short of brilliant. In the 20 trusted reviews I found, every writer was pretty much in agreement that this is something that should be sought out immediately, landing it safely in one particular judgment range.

Judgment: Condone

The following are links to every review that was gathered for this article:

Cheat Code Central, Push Square, IGN, Destructoid, GameSpot, Gamers Sphere, Joystiq, Game Front, Kotaku, Computer And Videogames, PlayStation Lifestyle, Polygon, The Sixth Axis, Games Radar, Now Gamer, Inside Gaming Daily, Dual Shockers, Game Skinny, Just Push Start, Video Gamer

There are 5 possible judgments that a game can receive and they are the following:

| Condemn | (O)  | (OR) | (R) | Condone |

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