Halo 2 Anniversary

Halo 2 Anniversary Confirmed By Master Chief Himself

Halo 2 Anniversary

Steve Downes, the voice of Halo‘s Master Chief, has confirmed that Halo 2 Anniversary is in the works and coming out this year.

Speaking With GameZone, Downes said the following: “I think you may be ahead of yourself on Halo 5. I wouldn’t expect anything until 2015. What you can look forward to this year is an anniversary edition of Halo 2.”

It is unknown who is developing the game, but at least we now know that the rumors are true about Halo 2 Anniversary. The game was previously rumored to be coming out this November on Xbox One, and will bring back the game-changing online multiplayer component. This is a smart move by them, as Halo 2 was an enormously popular game and this is without question a system seller for the Xbox One.

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