Dragon Quest

More Dragon Quest Coming To The U.S.?

Dragon Quest

A new trademark by Siliconera is leading many to believe that more Dragon Quest games are going to be localized. Luminaries of the Legendary Line has been trademarked by the company, and this title has connections to the Dragon Quest series.

This series had been known as Dragon Warrior in the U.S. until 2005, but in recent years many games have been localized on Nintendo DS.  The most recent game in the series is Dragon Quest X that has only been released in Japan and is a MMO. It is thought that Luminaries of the Legendary Line could be a localization of a previous game in the series that never made it to the states.

Dragon Quest is a series that many gamers love, thanks to its charming cast of characters, expansive worlds and traditional but fantastic RPG elements. It seems like the series has been quiet around these parts as of late, so I think it would be excellent if a new (or old, I guess) game got released here that put the series back on the map and maybe even made a bang like the latest Fire Emblem game did on the 3DS. Whenever there is a chance to get an RPG out there I am all for it, as I really miss the days when RPGs were the cream of the crop and were being released regularly.

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