Flappy Bird Is Officially Gone

Flappy Bird

The little app known as Flappy Bird that has became insanely popular pretty quickly is now apparently gone forever. The game’s developer Dong Nguyen has had it removed from both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. If you had downloaded it previously then you’re in the clear, but if not then it looks like you will never be able to play it EVER EVER EVER.

Why would a guy who found such insane success take down the game that was bringing him that success? Well, it’s a little confusing if I do say so myself (and I do). Flappy Bird has been a top app for weeks now, and that of course has brought the game a lot of backlash because it is almost stupidly simple and seems to borrow a lot of design concepts and gameplay mechanics from other popular games.

Sounds to me like the guy couldn’t take the heat anymore for being called a fraud and decided to take down Flappy Bird (and, as a result, the over $10,000 a day he was making from as revenue).

Nguyen chimed in on twitter to try and explain his reasons for pulling the game, and basically said that it wasn’t the backlash that made him take the game down, but the abuse and overuse that the game has been receiving.

“Not because of them but because how people use my game. They are overusing it.”

Umm… isn’t that what every developer who ever lived dreams of? That they make a game that is so popular that people can’t put it down? This guy is just ripping down his own success for reasons that seem really silly to me, but he’s made his decision and now both him and fans of the game are the ones who lose.

…and Flappy Bird.

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