The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Coming Out Tomorrow


Gamers have been waiting months for the next installment in The Wolf Among Us series that began late last year, and now Telltale Games has announced the second episode will be out tomorrow. It is called Smoke and Mirrors.

Telltale Games posted the following on their twitter account: “ Ep 2 2/4 – PC/Mac, @PlayStation NA 2/5 – @Xbox 360, @PlayStationEU Also next week on iOS @AppStore!”

I still haven’t gotten around to checking out this new series from Telltale Games, but I just recently finished season one of their Walking Dead series and loved it. It’s awesome how they take a pre-existing series and put their own spin on it and it usually always turns out great. I also played their Back to the Future series that was just as great.

117 thoughts on “The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Coming Out Tomorrow

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