'Halo 4 Champions Bundle' Is Coming August 20

halo_4_champions_bundle_screenshot_ricochet_-_athletic.0_cinema_640.0shhA brand new Halo 4 bundle is on the way, called the Champions bundle, which is being developed by 343 industries in partnership with Certain Affinity. This bundle adds the Steel Skin pack, Bullseye pack and Infinity Armor pack. You can buy them all together for 800 Microsoft Points or separately.shh

Bullseye includes two new multiplayer maps, Spartan armor and a new gravball gametype called Ricochet that will cost 480 Microsoft Points. The Infinity Armor pack contains legendary Spartan armor, and the Steel Skin pack gives, UNSC, Covenant, and Forerunner weapons a new look. Both of these will cost 240 Microsoft Points each.


107 thoughts on “'Halo 4 Champions Bundle' Is Coming August 20

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