Google Is Reportedly Developing A Gaming System

shhGOOshhThere have been many android-based gaming systems, but Google is now looking to enter the fray and one can imagine the kind of power and budget they have to make their system big.shh

The Wall Street Journal has reported the news, and mentioning that it is one of many secret projects that Google have been working on. shh

Little else is known regarding this news, but the fact that Google could potentially enter the gaming world is big news, simply because they are a massive name and that kind of recognition could result in big interest. Android games have been insanely popular, and Google is no doubt looking to cash in on the recent craze. Even though it’s android-based, I wonder if this system could have the type of appeal that is brought from the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony?shh

130 thoughts on “Google Is Reportedly Developing A Gaming System

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