'Final Fantasy XV' Character Bios


shhNews has been slowly coming out for the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XV, and now we are getting a big chunk of info by way of character biographies. These short bits of info not only shed light on the characters in the game, but give nice hints on the type of game we can expect for this latest iteration of Final Fantasy. They already sound far more interesting than anything the series has churned out in recent years.shh

Noctis Lucis Caelum: The main character of the game. He is the heir to the throne that was endowed with mystical powers from a childhood affliction that allows him to see a heavenly light in which he senses the deaths of others. He is a bit of a lone wolf in that he rejects rigid royal conventions, but would die for those loyal to him.shh

Gladiolus Amicitia: He is the lord of the noble House Amicitia who continues a line sworn to protect the crown. He is a comrade of Noctis, but also a great friend.shh

Ignis Scientia: A childhood friend of Noctis that was raised on shrewd logic and classical education as to counsel the would-be king.shh

Prompto Argentum: Prompto is a playboy who has been a friend of Noctis’ since their school days. Though his status of being an outsider to the royal circle has caused him to hold a grudge, he is still eager to do anything he can to help the cause.shh

Cor Leonis: He is a living legend of Lucian Lore, whose devotion to the art of war is surpassed only by his devotion to the king. He has little in the way of a mutual connection with Noctis and his comrades, but honor binds him to look out for them all the same.shh

With these character bios was also a picture of all five characters described above. Check out the picture below.shh


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