Luigi Now Has His Own Website


shhIt really is the year of Luigi! … I guess. To celebrate a focus on Luigi games this year, which so far includes 3 whole games with one of them being a paint job an older game, Luigi now has his own website to make everything official. You can view the website here.shh

The website is an off-shoot of Nintendo’s Character hub, and so far has a mesage at the top of the page that reads:

2013 is The Year of Luigi!

Let’s-a go! It’s Luigi time in 2013, as Mario’s younger brother takes centre stage in wild adventures on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS! Find out details of these games and other activities we have planned for the year. Check back soon for more!

Below that you will find an area that features his current games that have been released this year, and when you click on them you get a variety of information related to the games; such as info on the characters, gameplay and picture galleries. As time goes on, I’m sure more will be added to the page, because “The Year of Luigi” still has another 6 months to go!shh

124 thoughts on “Luigi Now Has His Own Website

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