Angry Birds Movie

'Angry Birds' Movie Has A Release Date!!

Angry Birds Movie

shhThose F***ING pigs! The most popular paid app of all time, Angry Birds, is being adapted to the big screen and now has an official release date of July 1, 2016. I guess those birds will have a long time to wait before they can get revenge on those freakin’ pigs.shh

I hate those freakin’ pigs. Once I started playing this game I quickly became addicted and wanted to kill every green obnoxious pig on the screen. When you fail a level and you listen to those pigs laugh at your suckness… well… I’ll just say it invokes some serious emotions…shh

Sony Pictures now has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the film. It’s a no-brainer to adapt this into a movie because the game is so amazingly popular, but the game is very simple and I’m not so sure it warrants a movie. Hopefully they get someone who can come up with a cool story that turns the concept of flinging birds at pigs into an interesting story.shh

I mean, I’ll probably just see it so I can see some pigs die. I hate those freakin’ pigs. Did I mention that yet?

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