'Gran Turismo 6' Is Coming For You…

Gran Turismo 6

shhLock your doors, bar your windows, hide your cheesecake and close your eyes, because Sony has just announced that Gran Turismo 6 is not only real, but it is coming for you this Christmas season. This means that you will be driving around in souped up sleighs with reindeers that have jet engines attached to their antlers and Santa will be aiming to break his time record for delivering all of the presents to the little boys and girls and cucumbers. That game actually sounds sweet, but I don’t think they will be using my idea.shh

This amazingly amazing announcement came out of the mouth of the President of Polyphony digital and creator of the franchise, Kazunori Yamuachi. This happened at an event across the pond (the UK, if you’re dumb) that was celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo. While the exact details aren’t known, I assume that they all had a marathon of every Gran Turismo game, and if you didn’t rip your hair out by the end of it you got a free copy of Gran Turismo 6. Don’t quote me on that.shh

According to Yamuachi (that’s fun to say, heh) the game will have a revamped physics engine, new suspension, tire and aerodynamics modeling. It will apparently have 200 more cars than Gran Turismo 5, with every car from 5 being preserved. There will also be 33 locations, and 71 course layouts with 19 of them being brand new.shh

…Are these dudes serious?shh

This sounds like Gran Turismo 5.278. If you’re gonna go and release a new game, release a game that’s not just an update of an old one. That’s like some Madden football poop going on there, and these games aren’t annual money suckers so STOP ACTING LIKE THEM!!! *Inhales slowly*… *Exhales Slowly*.shh

You can expect a demo for the game to be released this July, and plenty of more tasty info will become available in the near future.shh

This sounds like an update rather than a brand new release, so I’m going to or this news. I’m sure racing fans will love it and bladibladibla, but at the end of the day is it really gonna be that much different compared to GT5? It doesn’t sound like it to me, dudes.shh

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