My Bloody Valentine Release New Album

We can now all breathe a sigh of relief! It has been over two decades, but the new My Bloody Valentine album is available now. The album, titled ‘m b v‘ contains 9 tracks. The website it’s available at is currently crashing thanks to the fans all jumping on at once, so it may be a little while before anyone actually gets to hear the damn thing. Oh how they tease us!

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. she found now
2. only tomorrow
3. who sees you
4. is this and yes
5. if i am
6. new you.
7. in another way
8. nothing is
9. wonder 2

I can just imagine the swarms of initial reactions that will be hitting the web soon, and everybody will be comparing it to Loveless and how it does or doesn’t live up to it. I will be joining in on the action, as well! As soon as I get my digital hands on this album I will get a review up as soon as possible. You can buy the album here, though good luck getting through tonight!

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