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Princess Peach Wii Remote Graces Us With Its Presence This Month

Nintendo has revealed another variation of the Wii remote that will be releasing this month, and this time it is modeled after none other than Princess Peach.

The controller (as you can tell) is pink to match Peach’s dress, there’s a crown design over the speaker, the home and plus/minus buttons are blue to echo her jewelry and the d-pad is yellow to evoke her crown. Check it out below.

WiiSeeThis Princess Peach Wii remote with built in Wii Motion Plus will retail for $39.99 and joins the Mario and Luigi Wii remotes that are also pictured above.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

Though this isn’t something I would be interested in getting (maybe, TEEHEE), it is a really well-designed controller. I love how Nintendo is releasing these themed controllers, even if they are for the damn Wii remotes. We’ve moved on, Nintendo! The Wii U Gamepad is SO MUCH BETTER!