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The Simpsons Minecraft Intro Is Blocky And Fun

By now you’ve probably heard of a game called Minecraft, and you might have ALSO heard that it’s one of the biggest flippin’ games around right now. How big, you may ask? Well, big enough to get The Simpsons treatment.

On a recent episode of the Simpsons, the show’s standard opening video was redone with the famous Minecraft blocks. It looks horrifying, but it’s also pretty funny.

Check out The Simpsons Minecraft intro below.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlKN02G-go’%5D

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I think it’s a good sign that you’ve made it when you put on an episode of The Simpson’s and see all of the characters are not fashioned after a game of your creation. Notch must be freaking out that has game has gotten as big as it is. They actually did a really good job with the animation though, as it doesn’t seem out of place or cheesy.

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