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Nintendo's Iwata Claims 3.6 Million Units Won't Be Peak Of Wii U's Lifecycle

The Wii U is currently the one system on the market that isn’t getting the love that some hoped it would, garnering sales that are well below what Nintendo is known for.

However, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is very optimistic about the system’s future, claiming that one game can change it all and has before. He said the following:

“The fate of a video game system is often influenced greatly by the introduction of a single title. As many of you probably remember, before the release of the Pokémon game, Game Boy had been showing slow growth, and many people wondered whether it was the end of Game Boy.”

He goes on to say:

“But the Pokémon game single-handedly changed the landscape of the system, which then started to show the strongest sales in the lifecycle of the system.