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IGN's Optimus Prime Titanfall April Fool's Joke Is Hilarious

Before I went to bed last night, I said to myself, “Ok, when I wake up tomorrow I need to be prepared for all of the bogus headlines that I’m going to see.” Some websites simply warned others to watch out, but a few actually went ahead and pulled a prank. IGN was one of those sites, and today they claimed that Optimus Prime would be available in Titanfall’s next DLC.

The video is about a minute long and shows Optimus Prime and a voice actor doing his voice hilariously as he lays waste to all of those in his way. Check out the video right here.

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Alright, so this thing is very obviously fake, but that is what  find to be so funny about. In my honest opinion, with the state of the Titanfall being so fragmented and jumbled, they could totally throw in Optimus Prime at this point without confusing anything anymore than it already is.

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