about (the gist of Condemning or Condoning)

Condemn or Condone was made to provide in-depth and in-sane reviews of the things that people spend time, money and sanity on.

The way I judge the quality of something (as you can probably figure out on your own) is done through condemning or condoning. When I condemn or condone something, I am giving you my personal feelings on the item in question and not rating it in terms of technical quality, originality or cultural importance like most critics do. I like to write in a way that is more like talking to a friend rather than like talking as if I were a freakin’ robot. First and foremost, human entertainment should be just that: entertaining. When you read my reviews it should seem like fun rather than a business meeting covering urgent issues.

However, this isn’t to say that I take these posts lightly – far from it. I try my best to write quality and in-depth posts on every single thing that I cover, because it is you who I am writing for and you deserve to have as much ground covered on a particular subject as possible. It’s your time, it’s your money, it’s your sanity and I respect that and feel it is my duty to inform you as much as possible about whatever it is that has your interest. Nobody likes to be disappointed with something – that freakin’ sucks!

So, that’s what this site is for; to let you know whether I condemn or condone the things that you may or may not be committing time to. I hope my writing is helpful and entertaining to read, and that you come away having a bit more knowledge than you had before. If you don’t then I am a failure and will cry hysterically for a few days.

Without further ado, let’s break down the system!


This is the highest amount of praise I can give. When something is completely condoned by me, then it is something that is phenomenal and I found it to have little to no flaws. I will return to it probably a bazillion times and will never get sick of it…. EVER!!!


This is something that I highly recommend to anyone with any interest in the topic at hand. It may have a few flaws, but the good far outweighs the bad and is overall a great product. The chances are very good that you will find something to like here.


When I condone something it means that I liked it and would recommend it. However, there are some definite flaws at hand that keep it from being something I urge you to check out. Still, it is just my opinion, and when something is condoned then there is a chance that you may like it even more.


If something gets this then it means that I came away from it feeling completely indifferent. It was harmless, decent, structurally sound, etc.. but it just did nothing good or bad for me. It may lean a little towards a condemn or a condone, but the amount is too little to be significant.


And here we go into negative territory! When I condemn something it means that it is something that I did not like. It had many flaws, in my opinion, and I couldn’t find much to say positive about it. It might not be awful, but it’s definitely not something I will ever return to again.


This is something that really bugged me and gave me just about no enjoyment at all. It had serious flaws from start to finish and left me really irked by the end of it. I highly recommend you stay away from whatever gets this “honor”.


The king of crap! Whatever this revolting thing was, it disgusted me and had me clawing at my skull the whole way through. There was absolutely nothing good about this and absolutely everything bad about it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. RUN!!! AAAAGGGHHH!!!!

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