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Nintendo Is Quietly Planning Another 3DS Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has gone on record saying that there are ideas for a new Zelda game on the 3DS at a shareholders meeting last month.

Miyamoto said the following:

“We are gradually changing the structure of The Legend of Zelda series, and we are preparing to newly evolve the series for Wii U. In addition to that, we have ideas for Nintendo 3DS which we have not announced yet, so I hope you will look forward to them.”

The last Zelda game to come out on the 3DS was last years acclaimed A Link Between Worlds. Ocarina of Time was also remade for the system and there have been rumors that Majora’s Mask may be getting a similar treatment, as well.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U Nintendo

News Judgment… Mario Kart 8 Could Be Wii U's "Catalyst"?

Mario Kart 8 is definitely a game that a lot of Nintendo fans have been eagerly anticipating for a while now, and thanks to great reviews it is certainly going to also be selling some Wii U consoles. However, what hasn’t been so certain is just what kind of an impact that this game will have on the struggling Wii U.

Nintendo’s UK Mario brand manager Roger Langford spoke with MCV and said the following:

“I certainly feel that Mario Kart 8 can be the catalyst that will broaden Wii U’s horizons. It’s very important for us that we have a successful launch and continue the promotion throughout the year and beyond.”

My Judgment:

It’s hard to predict how this will impact Wii U, as many people seem to have given up on the system. If this great game is followed by a string of great games, though, then that is when you will see the Wii U truly come into its own. If any game is going to get the ball rolling for the Wii U, then Mario Kart 8 can definitely be the game to do just that. If it doesn’t, well… maybe Nintendo really is screwed!

Stealth Inc.

'Stealth Inc. 2' Coming Exclusively To Wii U This Year

Curve Studios has announced that their fast-paced stealth platformer, Stealth Inc., will be getting an exclusive sequel on the Wii U called Stealth Inc. 2. The original game was on PC and PlayStation 3 as both an original version and deluxe version, and also garnered more than 1 million downloads across both platforms.

Developer Curve Studios has mentioned that they plan on taking full advantage of the Wii U’s gamepad by introducing co-op play via the touchscreen. They said the following in the announcement for the game:

“We’ve relished revisiting the world of Stealth Inc. It’s given us the chance to really fine tune the Stealth Inc. experience, while also hugely expanding it with the addition of a larger explorable game world, and a more involved narrative.”

Stealth Inc. 2 does not currently have a release date. Check out the launch trailer for the original Stealth Inc. below. [youtuber youtube=’′%5D

Reserved Judgment – The Mighty No. 9 GDC Video

A new video showing off the work-in-progress game Mighty No. 9 was presented at GDC and it shows off all of the game’s characters and some of the gameplay that players can look forward to engaging in.

The Mighty No. 9 is in development for 10 different platforms and they are the following: PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It’s safe to say that this game will be reaching the broadest market of gamers possible!

Check out the video that was presented at GDC below!

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Trailer Judgment -The LEGO The Hobbit Trailer!

The Hobbit is currently being released in three parts in theaters, but they are making a LEGO The Hobbit game that documents the first two parts of the trilogy. The trailer has just been released and showcases the great Lego style and humor mixed with the epic of J.R.R. Tokkien.

LEGO The Hobbit comes out on April 8th for the 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Check out the trailer at the top of this post.

Condemn OR Condone: Though I have never played a Lego game before, I can not imagine the brand blending any better than as it seems to be with Tolkien’s Hobbit series.