Initial List Of Xbox 360 Games Coming To Xbox One Being Revealed Next Week

The Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility program will be launching next week, by which time the full list of the initial 100 Xbox 360 games that will be revealed.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer made the announcement on twitter when asked by a fan when the list would be revealed, resulting him in revealing the date to be November 9th.

There is a bit of a catch to this program, however, as just because one of your 360 games is backward compatible doesn’t mean that you can just pop your disc into the Xbox One and start playing. Instead, inserting the disc will launch a download of an Xbox One friendly version of the game, and any digital 360 games that are compatible will automatically show up in your library.

Xbox One Could Eventually Be Backward Compatible With Original Xbox Games

Damn, Microsoft is really rubbing it in Sony’s face, isn’t it? First they announce that a hundred Xbox 360 games will be playable by the end of this year on Xbox One, and now it looks like they could be taking the feature even further. While the backward compatibility feature isn’t available yet, that hasn’t stopped people from asking Phil Spencer where else this could potentially go.

When asked by a curious fan on twitter whether or not original games may become backward compatible with Xbox One, Xbox boss Phil Spencer replied with the following:

“I don’t think it’s silly. I ask the BC team this question a lot. Need to finish 360 BC for now.”

This would be friggin’ awesome if they went through with this, as it would be great to be able to play all of the classic original Xbox games without having to whip out the original console. Hell, I just recently had to do that to replay Shenmue II, but you best believe it would have been sweet if I could have played it on Xbox One!

Xbox Boss Wants Lost Odyssey And Blue Dragon For Backward Compatibility

Phil Spencer is hard at work trying to make as many Xbox 360 games as he can compatible with Xbox One, and so far it’s been a huge success. Plenty of games have already been announced and even more will be coming in the future, but there are a lot of games that haven’t been mentioned that people are still begging for. Two such examples are Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, which are two Beloved RPGs that came out very early in the Xbox 360’s lifetime.

Spencer was recently asked on twitter whether or not Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon would be getting a sequel, to which he replied with the following:

“First thing I’d like to do is get LO and Blue Dragon in back compat, don’t have that yet.”

So, while we may have to keep waiting on continuations of these series, it does sound like Spencer is trying to get them ready for backward compatibility. As far as what it takes to get it backward compatible, they just need to get permission from the developers of the games. Considering you’d be a bonehead to deny someone making your game backward compatible to allow even more people to play it, it’s safe to say that it’s just a matter of time before the ink is dry on the deal.


Burnout Paradise Could Be Crashing On Xbox One Via Backwards Compatibility

The Xbox One is set to be adding dozens of Xbox 360 games to its library by the end of the year via backwards compatibility, and now another big hitter is lining up to join the fray.

According to Criterion Games, they are in discussions with Microsoft to bring Burnout Paradise to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Nothing is confirmed yet, but they claimed that they will have more news soon via twitter.

As for me, I absolutely loved Burnout Paradise back when it launched in 2008. Even though I’m not a hardcore racing fan, that game had an awesome open world to explore with tons of things to do and mayhem to cause. Gonna be honest, though, this news just makes me crave another entry in the series even more.

Here Are The Free Games With Gold For July 2015

Microsoft has released the list of free games that Xbox Live Gold members can download as part of the Games With Gold promotion for next month, and this time they’re upping the ante.

To celebrate the two year anniversary of Games With Gold, Microsoft will now be offering not just two free games on Xbox 360, but also two free games on Xbox One. Also, this change is permanent and all future free Games With Gold will contain the same amount of free games.

Enough with all the chit chat, scroll down to see what games will be available for each console and for how long.

Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag / free for entire month

So Many Me / free from July 16th – August 15th

Xbox 360

Plants vs. Zombies / free from July 1st – July 15th

Gears Of War 3 / free from July 16th – July 31st


You Can Now Purchase Xbox One Games Via Xbox 360, ‘Cuz Why Not?

It is now possible to download Xbox One games from your Xbox 360… because technology!

You ever have one of those days where you just want to buy Xbox One games from your Xbox 360? Well now you can! Microsoft has revealed that gamers will be able to start building their Xbox One libraries from their 360s through the Games With Gold program.

While it seems pretty superfluous at first, it’s kind of neat for people who don’t have an Xbox One yet. That’s because they will be able to take advantage of the free Xbox One games that are released every month, regardless of whether or not they even own the console.

Now, you could previously do this from the website, but who the heck wants to do that? You can do it right from the Xbox 360’s homepage by clicking on the Games With Gold section, which is way easier. This month’s free Xbox One game is none other than Rayman Legends, which is something I have been meaning to check out for ages and ages and even longer.

Oh, and if you don’t believe anything that I wrote above, just check out the video for yourself below! 

Xbox Games With Gold For December 2014 Revealed

A decent month for Games With Gold.

An OK month for Xbox Live Gold members, as December will be bringing them one free Xbox One game and two free Xbox 360 games. The news was revealed on Major Nelson’s blog right here.

First up is Worms Battlegrounds on Xbox One, which will be available to download for free for the entire month of December. Meanwhile, on Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download The Raven: Legacy of the Master Thief from December 1st to December 15th. The second game that they will be able to download for the second half of the month will be the reboot of SSX.

For those of you who still haven’t jumped on the current Games With Gold offerings, you still have four days to download Volgarr the Viking on Xbox One and Red Faction Guerilla on Xbox 360.