World Of Tanks Comes To Xbox One On July 28th

World Of Tanks will be making its way to the Xbox One next week with some brand new gameplay features.


The game will be getting a graphical overhaul for the Xbox One version, but it will also support cross-platform multiplayer with the Xbox 360 version. Shared content and progress across the two consoles will also be possible with an Xbox Live account.

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download the game completely free when it launches on July 28th, though if not you’ll still be able to take part in a seven-day free trial.


World Of Tanks Xbox One Beta Happens This Weekend

The two-day beta event for World of Tanks will be happening this weekend on Xbox One, with gamers able to download the beta prior to the July 10th commencement.

Everyone who takes part in the beta will get the Premium American Tier 3 M22 Locust light tank just for logging into the game, though those who already own it will receive 180,000 in Silver and a garage slot.

All participants also stand to receive double XP during the testing period, as well as a “2x Battle Operation to be used later.” Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what that one is about.

Lastly, anyone who downloads the game prior to its release on July 28th will be getting the American tier II T1E6-X1 Premium light tank and exclusive camouflage for free. The full game will be available to download for free for all Xbox Live Gold members.

World Of Tanks 1.1 Update Brings Tank Crews To Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks has just received content update 1.1. This update brings a new map and a few new tanks to the fray, but the biggest addition is the game’s Crew system that is used to make running the tanks easier.

The Crew feature has players recruit members to take care of new tanks, and those members are also assigned various skills and perks.

The Himmelsdorf map and Cromwell (tier VI), Comet (tier VII), Centurion I (tier VIII), Centurion 7/1 (tier IX), and FV4202 (tier X) tanks are the latest additions to the map and tanks list.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

More tanks, more maps and more ease of use. Id’ say this is a pretty dang good update, or my name isn’t Bob Dylan. It isn’t, but you can just pretend it is for the sake of this situation.