Replacement Wii U Gamepads Coming To The USA? Japan’s Selling Them Now

One of the biggest mysteries with the Wii U is that the game’s main controller, the gamepad, is only sold with the system itself. That’s right – if you happen to damage or break the controller in anyway then you are forced to buy another system entirely.

That’s a pretty ridiculous concept when you really think about it, but hopefully that could be changing worldwide very soon. The official Japanese Nintendo online store has announced that you can now purchase individual Wii U gamepads for your system if you so desire, costing 12,800 Yen. For us non-Yen using folks, that comes out to about $115 USD or £75 GBP.

Nintendo, please make this a reality worldwide, because I love the Wii U and am pretty paranoid about looking at the gamepad the wrong way for this exact reason. Paying over $100 for a replacement ain’t cheap, but at least it gives gamers an option and is sure a hell of a lot better than buying a whole other system.


New Star Fox Zero Footage Clip Released

With Star Fox Zero now having an official release date we can expect to be getting a lot more information from here on out, and now Nintendo has released a new video clip showing off just under a minute of new footage.

While the clip is brief and in Japanese, It’s not exactly rocket science to figure out what’s going on and realize that the game is shaping up very nicely. As a Star Fox fan since the 90’s Zero ticking all of the right boxes and will hopefully put this once beloved franchise back on the right track.

Star Fox Zero will launch exclusively for the Wii U on April 22nd, 2016.

Star Fox Zero Launching April 22nd, 2016

After delays that had Star Fox Zero missing its Q4 2015 release date, Nintendo has now given the game another solid release date for Wii U. As revealed during the Nintendo Direct stream, Star Fox Zero will launch on April 22nd, 2016.

As you can see above, the game also got a new trailer showing off more footage from the game. It doesn’t real give any big new revelations about the game, but fans are sure to get a kick out of it.

There Are Monsters On The Court In The New Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Trailer

Later this month Mario and the gang will be heading back to the tennis courts (for the first time in HD!) with the Wii U’s Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and a new trailer has been released showing off some very brief new gameplay.

To tie in with Halloween, this video is called Monsters on the Court and features (you guessed it!) the big bad guys from the Mario series duking it on the courts. Considering the game features a new mechanic that allows everyone to become giants this ties in pretty well with the monster theme. Ace!

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will launch exclusively for the Wii U on November 20th, 2015.

That Shovel Knight Amiibo Is REAL And Will Unlock Plenty Of New Content

We heard rumors about a Shovel Knight amiibo floating around the interwebs, but now Yacht Club Games have officially revealed that Shovel Knight is an amiibo. This makes him the first indie game character to be immortalized in amiibo form, standing alongside Mario, Link and dozens of other beloved characters.

Shovel knight Amiibo

The amiibo will unlock exclusive content for the Wii U and 3DS versions of Shovel Knight, which includes things like co-op mode in the current game. To make matters even more sick and sweet, this amiibo will also be compatible with future Shovel Knight games to unlock even more content.

It’s like a Shovel Knight wonderland, and I will be frolicking throughout it, mouth agape.

Shovel Knight Will Be Immortalized In Amiibo Form

Shovel Knight is friggin’ awesome, and if you haven’t played the game yet then you need to get your act together!

Anyways, UK retailer GAME has just revealed that Shovel Knight is getting an Amiibo that will be releasing later this year, which was revealed via a tweet that was quickly deleted. Check out the image that was grabbed before it was deleted confirming this directly below.

Shovel Knight Amiibo

This tweet confirms that the Amiibo will be compatible with the Shovel Knight game and will unlock new content for it, but is that really where this ends? A lot of hopeful Nintendo fans are hoping that this just might mean that Shovel Knight could be coming to Super Smash Bros., which definitely isn’t out of the question as Nintendo did a poll asking fans who they would want to see added to the game. You know who was on that list? SHOVEL KNIGHT!

Kerbal Space Program Is Now Departing For The Wii U

Developer Squad’s space flight simulator, Kerbal Space Program, will be making its way to Wii U later this year. No release date has been given, but more information is expected to be released by Nintendo at PAX Prime this weekend.

Kerbal Space Program

Nintendo had originally uploaded a trailer for the announcement of this game coming to Wii U, but that video has since been made private. Looks like the trigger may have accidentally been pulled before PAX Prime?

Apart from coming to Wii U, the game is also slated to be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.