An 8 vs. 8 Pilot-only Mode Is Headed For ‘Titanfall’

Get ready to ditch your Titan and duke it out with Pilots only.

Titanfall is getting a new game mode that focuses on Pilots only as a result of game update 6. The game mode is called Pilot Skirmish and it removes Titans and AI from the battlefield, while also boosting the number of Pilots from 12 to 16.

This new mode isn’t the only thing that is happening as a result of update 6, however. The popular Marked For Death gametype has now been made a permanent mode in the game’s playlist while also tweaking the game’s Black Market to allow you to purchase individual Burn Cards. Three color blind options have also been added to help those who had voiced difficulties with handling certain gameplay elements.

All of this and many more little things are being tweaked in this update, so for a full list you can head on over to Respawn Entertainment’s website right here.

There has been no official release date announced for update 6, but it is expected that it will launch in the first week of September for Xbox One and PC and a couple weeks later for Xbox 360.