‘Titanfall 2’ To Release On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One By Holiday 2017?

Yes, it will be a multiplatform game, but will Microsoft go for another timed exclusive deal like Rise of the Tomb Raider?

It’s no secret that Respwan Entertainment’s Titanfall is going to be getting a sequel at some point in the future, though there has been much speculation regarding whether or not it will remain Xbox One exclusive. The PlayStation 4 is enjoying greater success than Xbox One, and where publisher EA is all about the bottom line it seems natural that they would make Titanfall 2 multiplatform.

GamingBolt spoke with Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter regarding the future of Titanfall and he had this to say:

“Respawn Entertainment made a game [Titanfall] in about four years with 75 guys. And Vince Zampella will have a new game on multiple platforms probably in three years. He’ll beef up the studio and he is really good at it. So I would expect, since Titanfall came out in March of ‘14, you’ll see Titanfall 2 probably by Holiday of ‘17, so I expect that they’ll announce it at next year’s E3, a year from now. But yes it will be a multiplatform game and yes, Microsoft will offer something for a timed exclusive.”

So, as we’ve all suspected, Titanfall 2 being a multiplatform game is pretty much a done deal. However, Microsoft trying for a time-exclusive deal will be an interesting one to see unfold. Will Respawn Enertainment and EA be willing to delay the sales of a game that will undoubtedly do better on PlayStation 4? It’s already happened with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but I guess we’ll all just have to sit back and speculate until the time comes!

EA Thinks ‘Titanall 2’ Will “Probably” End Up Being Multi-platform

Titanfall’s future could very well end up being multi-platform.

Titanfall released exclusively for Xbox consoles (well, and PC) early last year, and even though the game didn’t have the legs that many were hoping it would it will nevertheless be getting a sequel. There have been rumors for many months now that a sequel could potentially end up being a multi-platform game, though any kind of confirmation on that front had been limited.

Now, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen has broken the silence on the next game in the series. At the 2015 Technology, Internet & Media Conference he said the following about the series’ future:

“Last year it was on the Xbox only; in the future, we haven’t yet announced, but we’ll probably have another Titanfall game. It will probably be a bigger footprint than just a single platform. I think that’s a huge positive for us.”

Now, in terms of what other consoles Titanfall 2 would end up on, I think in this case that would just be PlayStation 4. While the first game did make an appearance on Xbox 360, I think by the point 2 comes around it will be current-gen only for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Let’s be real – It’s definitely not going to end up on Wii U.

I personally am a bit neutral on the news, more for the fact that I lost interest in the game not long after it launched. It’s a solid shooter, but it just doesn’t have the depth in gameplay modes or single-player at all to keep me coming back.

Titanfall is developed by Respawn Entertainment and launched on Xbox One and PC on March 11th. The Xbox 360 port of the game was handled by Bluepoint Games.

Reserved Judgment – Titanfall 2 Won’t Be Microsoft Exclusive?

After we recently heard the news that Titanfall 2 had its rights secured by EA, information regarding the sequel is becoming more and more requested. We knew that a follow-up is in development, but now we know that it has the potential to be a multi-platform game.

Polygon is reporting the news, as they claim reputable sources have told them that Titanfall 2 could be coming to Sony or Nintendo consoles. In all likelihood, it will probably come to the PlayStation 4 and skip the Wii U due to the sales being too low.

Reserved Judgment – EA Secures Rights For Titanfall 2

Fans of Titanfall can rejoice, as it has been revealed that Electronic Arts has secured the rights for Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2. Gamespot was apparently informed of the news from a “reputable source”.

The deal to secure rights for future games in the Titanfall series apparently hinged on how well Titanfall performed, but it is no surprise that this highly-anticipated game is performing very well.

Though Titanfall was only available for Xbox systems and the PC, the developers previously revealed that the series could become multi-platform in the future.