The World Ends With You Makes Triumphant Return To iOS App Store

The World Ends With You had been missing from the iOS App Store for over four months, but now it is finally back. The game was removed from the store due to numerous complaints from users that the game did not work with the latest iOS 8 operating system.

While things like this happen from time to time, this particular situation got far more attention due to the fact that it is a Square Enix game that also came with a $18-$20 price tag. Luckily, the game has now been completely fixed and can be redownloaded by anyone who previously purchased the game or bought for the very first time.

The Judgment:

I’m glad that it’s back, but releasing a game that doesn’t function properly and then rip it away from buyers for 4 months is a very bad move. Hopefully Square Enix will learn from the mistakes they made with this game and be better prepared for whenever iOS 9 hits.