Shovel Knight Amiibo Gracing The USA Next Month

Not long after I posted the news that information regarding the highly-anticipated Shovel Knight Amiibo was on the way the info was released by Yacht Club Games! The news was revealed on the Yacht Club Games website, where they announced that the Shovel Knight amiibo will launch in North America on January 8th for $12.99.

It’s a bummer that the amiibo won’t be launching in time for Christmas as it would have made an excellent gift for many people, but the decision apparently came down to supply and demand. They could have released the amiibo early, but they wouldn’t have been able to release enough of them and that would have upset even more people who missed out on it.

As for what the amiibo will do for you, it will unlock a ton of content for the game on both Wii U and 3DS. You can create and customize your own knight and leveling him up by gaining treasure, and it’ll also be compatible with the co-op mode exclusive to Wii U.


Some new challenge maps will be added to both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, while the 5 new co-op maps will (obviously) only be available for the Wii U version.

Shovel Knight Amiibo Release Details Being Revealed Next Week

As soon as the Shovel Knight amiibo was revealed pretty much everyone went nuts and was dying to learn when they could buy one. However, since the announcement the exact details have been slim, with fans still unsure when to expect the highly-anticipated amiibo.

However, thanks to twitter we now know that a big update regarding the amiibo will be coming next week. A fan asked Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games about it on Twitter.

Shovel Knight is an absolute masterpiece of a platformer and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC.

Xbox One Retail Version Of Shovel Knight Cancelled

Shovel Knight will be releasing on a physical disc for the first time ever very soon, but it looks like the Xbox One version of the game may never happen now.

All retail versions were delayed to November 3rd and have seen a prince increase from $19.99 to $24.99 (to ensure display space at certain retailers). Here’s what Yacht Club Games has to say regarding the state of the Xbox One retail version of Shovel Knight:

We really gave it our best effort, but unfortunately, because of publishing policies on that platform that are totally beyond our control, we couldn’t make it happen. We’re very sorry…we know there is a lot of interest – the pre-orders were really good and we thank everyone for their support!

We’ll keep fighting to get a retail version on Xbox One, but as of now, the boxed version is in indefinite limbo. The digital version of Shovel Knight on Xbox One is already available and will, of course, continue to receive new updates and our full support!

Condemn O.R. Condone – Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows (Wii U)

Shovel Knight was one of my favorite games to release last year, and since then I have played it many more times across every platform other than PC. Everything about the game is pretty much flawless; from its excellent and difficult level design all the way to its simple-yet-fantastic story and characters. So, more of that can only be a good thing, and it certainly is that and more with Yacht Club Games’ free DLC for the game called Plague of Shadows.

What Plague of Shadows brings to the table is a new campaign where you control not Shovel Knight, but Plague Knight. Plague Knight is attempting to concoct an all-powerful potion that will make him better than anyone else in the land, which takes him on a similar journey to Shovel Knight’s as he must battle the other knights throughout the game’s levels. However, Plague Knight’s story and him as a character become much more likable and sympathetic as the game goes on, resulting in a conclusion that hits nearly the same emotional wallop that the original did last year.

While Plague Knight’s overall adventure is similar to Shovel Knight’s, the experience feels entirely unique due to Plague Knight controlling completely different and the levels being remixed to accommodate that. Where Shovel Knight was a melee fighter that uses his shovel, Plague Knight is a ranged fighter that uses his exploding potions. These potions can be customized a lot by equipping a new case, powder or fuse to them, which allows you to change things like how quickly your potions explode, the trajectory of your throws and bonus effects that happen after the explosion. This results in a lot more attack options than Shovel Knight had, which is a nice change of pace.

Apart from customizing potions you can also customize your burst, which is something you can do by releasing your charge to jump higher in the air. Mixed with the fact that Plague Knight can also double jump you have a character that feels much more nimble. This results in some sections of the game that were hard with Shovel Knight now becoming easy with Plague Knight, but also vice versa. There are some enemies in the game that never game me a hard time before, but due to Plague Knight’s different moves I had to figure out different ways to take them down. I loved that shift in the gameplay as it made a game that was largely the same feel new regardless.

For you collectors out there, Plague of Shadows has even more reasons for you to search every nook and cranny than the first game did. The game still has the music sheets, but there are also dozens of Cipher Coins in each level that amount to over 400 in the whole game. These coins are far more useful that the music sheets are, as after getting a certain amount you can trade them in to add more items to buy in the shop. This made me want to go after them more than the music sheets did, as I knew I was getting something worthwhile for the extra effort.

If an awesome new campaign wasn’t enough for everyone, Yacht Club Games also added an all-new Challenge mode to the game. This mode is for both Shovel Knight and Plague Knight, with each character having 30 challenges to complete. As you would imagine, these are basically little chunks of a level that require you to do things like survive a wave of enemies for a certain amount of time or make it through a section of a level without attacking. These a blast to play through and are great when you just want to pick up the game quick and play for 5-10 minutes. Just as the core campaigns are very challenging, the challenge that this mode brings is no joke and is a great new addition to the overall package.

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Plague of Shadows is one of the best DLC expansions that I have ever played, which is made all the more sweet due to the fact that it is completely free. There are so many other devs out there that charge ridiculous amounts of money for usually mediocre-at-best content, but expansions like this restore my faith in DLC. You can tell that Yacht Club Games put just as much love and care into this as they did the core game, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Plague of Shadows matches the admiration that I have for the core game, and if you know me then you know that’s as high of a praise as I can possibly give.


Shovel Knight Plague Of Shadows DLC Launches Next Week

The first free DLC for Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight is set to launch next week, called Plague of Shadows. The DLC will be coming to all existing platforms that the game is available on as well as all regions it has been released in.

Shovel Knight Plague Of Shadows

As for what you can expect to get with this free expansion, it offers a completely remixed story that stars none other than one of Shovel Knight’s foes, Plague Knight. It will even come packed with an all new challenge mode, which will task you with taking on even more difficult scenarios.

The new Shovel Knight amiibo will be compatible with this DLC as well as all future updates for the game, so if you adore Shovel Knight like I do then you just may want to consider picking it up when you can.

That Shovel Knight Amiibo Is REAL And Will Unlock Plenty Of New Content

We heard rumors about a Shovel Knight amiibo floating around the interwebs, but now Yacht Club Games have officially revealed that Shovel Knight is an amiibo. This makes him the first indie game character to be immortalized in amiibo form, standing alongside Mario, Link and dozens of other beloved characters.

Shovel knight Amiibo

The amiibo will unlock exclusive content for the Wii U and 3DS versions of Shovel Knight, which includes things like co-op mode in the current game. To make matters even more sick and sweet, this amiibo will also be compatible with future Shovel Knight games to unlock even more content.

It’s like a Shovel Knight wonderland, and I will be frolicking throughout it, mouth agape.

Shovel Knight Will Be Immortalized In Amiibo Form

Shovel Knight is friggin’ awesome, and if you haven’t played the game yet then you need to get your act together!

Anyways, UK retailer GAME has just revealed that Shovel Knight is getting an Amiibo that will be releasing later this year, which was revealed via a tweet that was quickly deleted. Check out the image that was grabbed before it was deleted confirming this directly below.

Shovel Knight Amiibo

This tweet confirms that the Amiibo will be compatible with the Shovel Knight game and will unlock new content for it, but is that really where this ends? A lot of hopeful Nintendo fans are hoping that this just might mean that Shovel Knight could be coming to Super Smash Bros., which definitely isn’t out of the question as Nintendo did a poll asking fans who they would want to see added to the game. You know who was on that list? SHOVEL KNIGHT!