‘Shadow Warrior’ Console Ports Receive Small Delay

Expect to experience the console version of Shadow Warrior a bit later in the year.

Today is the day of small delays, as now Bandai Namco has revealed that their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports of the PC shooter Shadow Warrior has been delayed. It now appears that the game will not be hitting shelves in the US until October 21st and October 24th in the UK. The game was originally set to be released next month.

Bandai Namco said the following in a statement to VideoGamer:

“Bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4 and XB1 has proven to be a challenge for us as we want to make sure the player experience is perfect. In play testing we have been focusing in on the controller inputs and response. We recognized that we needed more time to improve this as Shadow Warrior is an old school FPS and this demands perfection. Sadly this means a small delay in the release date, but Lo Wang needs to be at his best on these shiny new consoles.”

Shadow Warrior is a re-imaging of the original 1997 shooter from 3D Realms that hit the PC last year, blending both sword fighting and shooting into a pretty sleek package. The game would no doubt be a great fit on consoles, where the shooter genre continues to have immense success.

Shadow Warrior PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Release Date Revealed

The PC slice ’em up is coming very soon.

The PC slice ’em up game Shadow Warrior came out last year and provided mild amounts of entertainment for all parties involved, but now we know exactly when that same games (with some extras) will be coming to consoles. Developer Devolver Digital has revealed that Shadow Warrior will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 23rd.

As mentioned previously, the console versions of Shadow Warrior will have a few new bells and whistles; including the Arena mode, more campaign content and all-new weapons.

Although a price hasn’t officially been revealed, Devolver Digital has gone on record saying that they are aiming for a $39.99 price tag.

Shadow Warrior Launching On PlayStation 4 & Xbox One This September

The remake will be purchasable through PSN and XBL.

Devolver Digital and Majesco Entertainment have revealed that the upcoming Shadow Warrior will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime late September. The game will be available to download through both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The Chief Executive Officer at Majesco Entertainment, Jesse Sutton, said the following:

Shadow Warrior turns the 90’s nostalgia meter way up, delivering big guns, big blades and big attitude laced with humor. This is a must have title for every kind of fan: those who loved the original game, FPS enthusiasts and players looking for a deep next gen experience at a legacy price point. We’re proud to partner with Devolver to bring this highly rated game to the console audience.”

Shadow Warrior will retail at $39.99.